MultiStrat Re

Multi-Strat Re Ltd. (“MultiStrat Re”) is a privately held, specialty Bermuda reinsurer. Unique in its purpose and design, MultiStrat Re offers reinsurance clients cost-effective risk protection and capacity, while providing asset managers an expeditious platform for launching reinsurance companies. With MultiStrat Re, brokers and clients access experienced underwriting, customized risk solutions, and excellent security. With MultiStrat Re, participating reinsurers are able to start small in terms of capital and expense, leverage experienced resources, and grow quickly and profitably.

MultiStrat Re focuses on building a balanced and diversified portfolio of lower volatility reinsurance business on behalf of its participating reinsurers. Each participating reinsurer is a stand-alone company, sponsored by an asset manager, who manages all of the assets of the company through an investment management contract.

The MultiStrat Re name is derived from the prospective pairings of multiple lines of reinsurance with multiple investment strategies, resulting in participating reinsurers with unique combinations of reinsurance business and investment strategies.