About Us


Multi-Strat Holdings Ltd. (“MultiStrat Group”) is a privately held, specialty reinsurance company headquartered in Bermuda. Unique in its purpose and design, MultiStrat Group offers:

  • brokers and reinsurance buyers access to experienced underwriting, customized risk solutions, and excellent security through bank letters of credit and trusts;
  • alternative investors and asset managers an efficient platform for investing in one or more reinsurance transactions;
  • cost-effective runoff solutions including exit strategies; and,
  • business consulting services and contract-based resources.

MultiStrat Re and MultiStrat Advisors comprise the MultiStrat Group, with operations spanning the US, Bermuda and Switzerland.


MultiStrat Re Ltd. (“MultiStrat Re”) focuses on underwriting an opportunistic and diversified portfolio of lower volatility reinsurance business on behalf of its participating reinsurers. Each participating reinsurer operates as a segregated account, protected cell or stand-alone reinsurance company, sponsored by an alternative investor or asset manager. The participating reinsurer underwrites reinsurance transactions and directs asset management through in-house or third-party asset managers.


MultiStrat Advisors, Inc. (“MultiStrat Advisors”), part of the MultiStrat Group, is a US based capital advisory company focused on sourcing and placing alternative investor capital on reinsurance opportunities. Acting as an independent company in the US, MultiStrat Advisors also raises debt and equity capital for small to medium sized insurance and reinsurance companies and agencies.


Reinsurance Operational Excellence (“ROE”), delivers consulting and contractor resources for insurance and reinsurance companies, including MultiStrat. Clients retain ROE to deliver hands-on, experienced resources to meet challenges related to mergers & acquisitions, reinsurance accounting, financial planning and analysis, information technology, project management, and claims operations. ROE’s “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” methodology for adaptable client solutions emphasizes short-term results for long-term operational excellence.