About Us


MultiStrat Re

Multi-Strat Re Ltd. (“MultiStrat Re”) is a privately held, specialty Bermuda reinsurer. Unique in its purpose and design, MultiStrat Re offers reinsurance clients cost-effective risk protection and capacity, while providing asset managers an expeditious platform for launching reinsurance companies. With MultiStrat Re, brokers and clients access experienced underwriting, customized risk solutions, and excellent security. With MultiStrat Re, participating reinsurers are able to start small in terms of capital and expense, leverage experienced resources, and grow quickly and profitably.

MultiStrat Re focuses on building a balanced and diversified portfolio of lower volatility reinsurance business on behalf of its participating reinsurers. Each participating reinsurer is a stand-alone company, sponsored by an asset manager, who manages all of the assets of the company through an investment management contract.

The MultiStrat Re name is derived from the prospective pairings of multiple lines of reinsurance with multiple investment strategies, resulting in participating reinsurers with unique combinations of reinsurance business and investment strategies.


Annapolis Consulting Group, Inc.

MultiStrat Re enhanced its capabilities by acquiring a specialist company focused on captive, run-off opportunities, and loss portfolio transfers. Annapolis Consulting Group, Inc. (“ACG”) is an international consulting firm that provides retrospective risk portfolio closure solutions. ACG focuses on captives, corporate self-insured retention obligations and provide liquidity, collateral relief and solutions for multiple types of risk programs. ACG also focuses on run-off and retrospective claims portfolios and together with MultiStrat Re’s prospective risk focus, provides a balances and well developed and diversified portfolio platform.

Acting as our independent company in the US ACG specializes in the resolution of costly legacy claims and captive run-offs.

ACG provides an array of solutions for captives that are looking to finalize historic blocks of business so as to more effectively focus on the future. ACG works with clients throughout North America holding a wide variety of legacy claim portfolios including workers’ compensation, automobile liability, general liability and professional liability.

By combining forces, MultiStrat and ACG are able to deliver the resources, capital, collateral and reinsurance capacity necessary to resolve a common problem faced by captive owners.


MultiStrat Advisors

MultiStrat Advisors Ltd (“MultiStrat Advisors”) a Bermuda domiciled insurance agent provides a number of complementary services to the participating reinsurers on the MultiStrat platform. MultiStrat Advisors identifies and launches new participating reinsurers with the asset sponsors. MultiStrat Advisors also identifies opportunities that are unique or may require capacity beyond the appetite or absolute size of the reinsurers on the platform. MultiStrat Advisors will work with other reinsurers who are willing to provide additional capacity on an individual transaction, allowing the Company’s platform reinsurers to participate on a reinsurance opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable to them.